S54 Vanos Rebuild

Beisan Systems Vanos Solutions

We have a simple approach when it comes to addressing the VANOS issues on S54 motor and that is to do it right the first time. Beisan (bee-san) Systems has figured out how to address the weak points of the VANOS, we use all of their products when rebuilding the VANOS unit, including the Exhaust hub and the Exhaust upper chain guide. We also use the updated BMW VANOS bolts as well as OEM gaskets and hardware. While we have the unit apart, it is thoroughly cleaned using our Ultrasonic cleaner.

This is a fairly involved job and it is important to have someone who understands the VANOS system the way we do to rebuild your unit. Too often we see people claim to have the VANOS done when in reality they only replaced the solenoid pack. Doing this complete rebuild ensures that you will not need to touch your VANOS for the next 80,000 plus miles.

VANOS Rebuild FAQs

Congrats! You’ve decided to move forward with extending the life of your S54. From here we can answer some common questions about getting your S54 in tip top running shape.

Do I need to order my own parts? What about core charges?

We always stock complete VANOS rebuild kits. We do not charge core charges and do not mark up prices that Beisan Systems charges so there is no need for you to worry about ordering parts or returning cores. We are fortunate to be just down the street from Beisan and have a great working relationship with them

How long should I expect the rebuild to take?

Once we have scheduled your appointment, plan to leave your car with us for 2 full days. We are very meticulous with this process and do not rush any portion of it. Your car will spend its entire time here inside our shop, we treat your car like our own and only want to return it to you in better condition then it arrived in.

Would it make sense to do any other work while doing the VANOS?

We highly recommend taking advantage of having a valve adjustment done at the same time as your vanos rebuild. It only requires additional labor to have completed. We have over 500 shims in stock so that we will never run out!

Its a great time to replace your spark plugs as well. There is no additional labor charge if you chose to add spark plugs to your VANOS rebuild. We also stock all the parts needed for a complete Inspection II if you would like to add that as well!

Photos of the process:

VANOS Parts we use

S54 Rebuilt Vanos Solenoid Coil Pack

S54 Vanos Sealing Plate Repair Kit

S54 Vanos Seals Repair Kit

S54 Vanos Rattle Repair Kit

S54 Vanos Oil Pump Disk

S54 Exhaust Upper Chain Guide

S54 Exhaust Sprocket Hub

Updated S54 Vanos Bolts

OEM S54 Valve Cover Gasket Set