SMG to 6 Speed Swap


At Atlas Motor Co. we are firm believers that when it comes to owning an E46 M3, you can’t go wrong. The driving experience is incredible and can be enjoyed in a variety of forms from ripping a gutted 6 speed race car up the S’s at VIR to cruising the Blue Ridge Parkway in an SMG convertible. While the 6 speed is generally preferred, we do recognize that there is a place for the SMG.

With that said, if you have decided that the 3 pedal life is the only life for you, we can help! Our extensive knowledge and experience with the E46 M3 extends into a variety of upgrades and improvements including the SMG swap. We handle the process from start to finish in our shop using OEM parts.

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Congrats! You’ve decided to move forward with adding a 3rd pedal to your E46 M3. From here we can answer some common questions about putting control back into your hands.

What parts do you use for the swap? Do you stock them?

We use all OEM parts for the swap. Our goal is to make the car the same way BMW did. We generally carry multiple full SMG swap parts kits in stock to ensure that we are always ready for the next customer!

How long should I expect the swap to take?

Once we have scheduled your appointment, plan to leave your car with us for 3 full days. We are very meticulous with this process and do not rush and portion of it. Your car will spend its entire time here inside our shop, we treat your car like our own and only want to return it you in better condition then it arrived in.

Would it make sense to do any other work while doing the swap?

We highly recommend taking advantage of having a new clutch installed while doing the swap. There is no extra labor involved and we can either source an OEM clutch or use any upgraded clutch/flywheel combo that you would like.

While we are in there, its a great time to address transmission mounts and the guibo as well. During the process we will update you with the condition of these parts as well as anything else we notice that may be worth addressing.

Photos of the process: