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The Atlas Motor Co. Better than New Program

Have you ever wanted to buy a pre-owned BMW M car, but you could never seem to find one that was just right for you? This program solves that problem for enthusiasts across the globe. We’ve combined years of experience and resources to help you build a pre-owned M car just the way you want it. Whether it be from making sure the Big 3 are done on an E46, or having the exact wheels, tires, or suspension that you want installed. Do you want a car that has some tracked prepped upgrades or one that is original as possible? We can handle it all. Our target market is the enthusiast who wants to get out and enjoy their car, but also wants it to be their own. We’ve done the math, you’re gonna be dead longer than your alive so you might as well enjoy the right M car now!

Our Process

Step 1: Selecting the Cars

Our inventory manager spends countless hours each week sourcing the right cars for our customers. Between connections built over years of being in the car community and several wholesale and retail sources, we find the right cars and then have them shipped to our location in Raleigh, NC.

Step 2: Technical Inspection

Once the cars arrive, they are put through our proven reconditioning process. The process begins with one of our factory trained technicians completing an extremely thorough visual and mechanical inspection followed up with diagnostics using factory BMW software. Our years of experience and passion for these cars enables us to look deeper than your average dealership.

Step 3: Initial Reconditioning

Before a car can move onto the next steps, it needs to complete our initial reconditioning process. This includes addressing any mechanical issues found during the inspection process. Items like fluids and filters are also changed here.

Once the mechanical issues have been addressed, a member of our team will road test the vehicle to verify no other issues exist. We have a very detailed sign off process that must be completed during this stage which includes checking everything from wiper blades to tire tread depths.

The final step of this stage is having a NC State Inspection completed, verifying that the vehicle meets all the safety and emission standards set by the state of North Carolina.

Step 4: Public Offering

Now that the cars have met the basic requirements to be sold, we let you take over. Basic photos and current condition of the cars will be listed in the on our website and other sales sites but no price, this is because we ultimately let you decide how far and where you want to go with the car.

Each car will have a baseline that is based on current market conditions, overall vehicle condition, miles, etc.  which you can find by giving us a call. We are not out to sell average cars, this program is built for the exceptional. From here, the final sales price will be determined on how far you want to go! We have a select few lenders who can assist in this type of financing if you chose as well.

Step 5: Building Your Car

This is where the fun begins!

Once you connect with us, a member of our knowledgeable staff will help walk you through from this point until the car is in your hands. We will meet with you to come up with a game plan for your car and decide what direction to go with. Very few things are off limits at this point, contact us to learn more!


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